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J Sep Sci. 2011 Apr;34(8):957-64. doi: 10.1002/jssc.201000913.

A novel approach to automation of dynamic hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction.

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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


An automated dynamic two-phase hollow fiber microextraction apparatus combined with high-performance liquid chromatography was developed for extraction and determination of chlorophenoxy acid (CPA) herbicides from environmental samples. The extraction device, called TT-extractor, consists of a polypropylene hollow fiber mounted inside a stainless steel tube by means of two tee-connectors in flow system. An organic solvent, which fills the lumen and the pores of the hydrophobic fiber, is pumped through the fiber repeatedly and the sample is pumped along the outer side of the fiber. The factors affecting the dynamic hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction (DHF-LPME) of target analytes were investigated and the optimal extraction conditions were established. To test the applicability of the designed instrument, CPAs were extracted from environmental aqueous samples. The limits of detection (LODs) as low as 0.5 μg/L, linear dynamic range in the range of 1-100 μg/L and the relative standard deviations of <7% were obtained. The developed method can provide perconcentration factors as large as 230. A hollow fiber membrane can be used at least 20 times with neither loss in the efficiency nor carryover of the analytes between runs. The system is cheap and convenient and requires minimal manual handling.


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