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FEBS Lett. 1990 Oct 29;273(1-2):103-6.

Neurospora crassa cDNA clones coding for a new member of the ras protein family.

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Instituto de Investigaciones en IngenierĂ­a Molecular (INGEBI-CONICET) Buenos Aires, Argentina.


A new member of the ras gene family was characterized from Neurospora crassa cDNA libraries. The clone designated NC-ras codes for a polypeptide containing 213 amino acids (Mr 24,000). This polypeptide is 84% homologous to the H-ras-1 domain comprising the first 80 amino acids and 60% homologous to the next 84 residues. The NC-ras polypeptide contains all the well-known sequences involved in the interaction with GTP/GDP, the recognition of the Y13-259 neutralizing antibody, the 'effector site' for interaction with GAP proteins, and the CAAX acylation motif in the COOH-terminal.

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