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J Clin Lab Anal. 2011;25(2):79-82. doi: 10.1002/jcla.20436.

A PCR-based strategy for Dombrock screening in Brazilian blood donors reveals a novel allele: the DO* A-WL.

Author information

Hemocentro, Faculdade de Medicina, Marília, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Determination of the molecular basis underlying the antigens in the Dombrock blood group system has shown various rearrangements between the alleles associated with DO(*) A and DO(*) B. Based on this, we employed a PCR-based strategy to screen DO alleles (DO(*) A, DO(*) B, HY(*) 1, HY(*) 2 and JO) in Brazilians.


We tested DNA of 278 Brazilian blood donors by PCR-RFLP on plates of 96 wells to determine the 793A/G (DO(*) A/DO(*) B), 323G/T (HY), 350C/T (JO) and 898C/G (HY(*) 1/HY(*) 2) single nucletide polymorphisms. In order to confirm the results sequence analysis was also performed.


When samples of these donors were analyzed, a novel allele combination, the DO(*) A allele (793A and 323G) associated with 898G was identified and designated as DO(*) A-WL allele. This new allele encoding 300Val is the same as HY(*) 1 at nucleotide 898 on the molecular background of DO(*) A. Among the 556 alleles analyzed by PCR-RFLP, 3 were DO(*) A-WL and 78 were DO(*) B-WL. This represents an overall frequency of 0.5% for DO(*) A-WL and 14% for DO(*) B-WL across the population studied.


Molecular screening of Brazilians revealed one novel allele, the DO(*) A-WL. Our data highlight the importance of testing a cohort of different populations to determine DO haplotypes and to establish reliable genotyping tests for predicting Do(a)/Do(b) status.

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