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AIDS Rev. 2011 Jan-Mar;13(1):41-8.

The costs of full suppression of plasma HIV RNA in highly antiretroviral-experienced patients.

Author information

Pharmacology Research Laboratories, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.


The aim of antiretroviral treatment is long-term suppression of plasma HIV RNA<50 copies/ml. The DUET, BENCHMRK, and MOTIVATE trials evaluated the efficacy of etravirine, raltegravir, and maraviroc, respectively, versus placebo, each given with an optimized background regimen of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, and/or enfuvirtide. These trials were conducted in treatment-experienced patients, where complex and expensive drug combinations are typically required. Rates of plasma HIV RNA suppression<50 copies in different treatment groups by week 48 were combined with drug costs to calculate the costs per patient with undetectable viremia. These results were compared with two recent pilot studies of novel triple combination treatment. The average annual per patient cost of antiretrovirals for the active plus optimized background regimen arm versus placebo plus optimized background regimen was US$ 47,324 vs. 38,267 in the DUET Trials, US$ 45,484 vs. 34,585 in BENCHMRK, and US$ 46,633 vs. 36,404 in MOTIVATE. In the three trials, the highest treatment costs were from nucleoside analogs (29-30% of total costs) and enfuvirtide (22-25% of total costs). In the two pilot studies, the total cost of raltegravir/etravirine/darunavir/ritonavir was US$ 32,208, while use of raltegravir/etravirine/maraviroc cost US$ 30,952 per patient-year. The mean cost per patient with HIV RNA<50 copies/ml at week 48 ranged from US$ 62,268 in the etravirine plus optimized background regimen arm of DUET, to US$ 214,141 in the placebo arm of MOTIVATE. In the pilot studies, the cost per patient with HIV RNA<50 copies/ml was US$ 33,204 for raltegravir/etravirine/darunavir/ritonavir and US$ 33,603 for raltegravir/etravirine/maraviroc. In summary, when treating highly treatment-experienced patients, cost-savings could be made by using combinations of newer antiretrovirals in preference to recycled nucleoside analogs and enfuvirtide.

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