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[The analysis of the efficacy of the local treatment of patients with different course of humeroscapular periarthrosis].

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The efficacy of the local treatment (anesthetic and hormonal blockades) in patients with different types of the course of humeroscapular periarthrosis (HP) has been analyzed. The examination of patients with HP (mean age 57±11,9 years) included the assessment of pain with the VAS, palpation and resistive tests, biomechanical parameters of movement volume in the shoulder joint; the 1,5 year follow-up of 58 patients. Forty patients underwent MRI of the shoulder joint. Four types of HP course have been singled out: remitting, partly regradient, regradient and stagnating. The complete or partial remission was observed in 48,2% of patients. No significant between-group differences in tomographic parameters were found that indicated the low value of MRI in the prediction of local treatment outcome. The major factors of stagnating type of HP course were the long duration of the primary exacerbation and non-maintenance of the treatment-prevention regime by patients. Differential criteria of remitting HP course were revealed: the low subjective pain perception in a large number of "painful dots", mild biomechanical disturbances and the presence of less than 6 findings in the MRI of the shoulder joint. In these patients, the use of local treatment is not effective.

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