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J Biol Chem. 1978 Dec 10;253(23):8578-82.

Stimulation of the protein synthetic process by adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate and hexose phosphates in gel-filtered rabbit reticulocyte lysates.


The addition of 0.167 to 4.0 mM cAMP to gel-filtered rabbit reticulocyte lysates stimulates the initial rate and the extent of polypeptide synthesis. The stimulation is at the initiation step of polypeptide synthesis as measured by the (i) increased dipeptide, methionyl-valine, accumulation in the presence of the specific initiation inhibitor, pactamycin, and (ii) increased formation of the 40 S and 80 S initiation complex when gel-filtered lysates are incubated with [35S]Met-tRNAFMet. Furthermore, a synergistic stimulation of protein synthesis is observed when cAMP and hexose phosphates (which alone elicit a 1.8-fold stimulation of protein synthesis) are added simultaneously to gel-filtered rabbit reticulocyte lysates. These results indicate that cAMP and hexose phosphates are both essential to maintain the high rate of initiation.

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