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NeuroVR 2--a free virtual reality platform for the assessment and treatment in behavioral health care.

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Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Lab, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy.


At MMVR 2007 we presented NeuroVR ( a free virtual reality platform based on open-source software. The software allows non-expert users to adapt the content of 14 pre-designed virtual environments to the specific needs of the clinical or experimental setting. Following the feedbacks of the 2000 users who downloaded the first versions (1 and 1.5), we developed a new version--NeuroVR 2 ( improves the possibility for the therapist to enhance the patient's feeling of familiarity and intimacy with the virtual scene, by using external sounds, photos or videos. More, when running a simulation, the system offers a set of standard features that contribute to increase the realism of the simulated scene. These include collision detection to control movements in the environment, realistic walk-style motion, advanced lighting techniques for enhanced image quality, and streaming of video textures using alpha channel for transparency.

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