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A study of medical costs associated with selected genetic disorders in Texas.


We estimated that the payments associated with the 11 selected diseases during 1987 in Texas included $88.2 million from Medicaid and $10.6 million from CIDC for a total of $98.8 million. Patients with these diseases represented 0.83% of Medicaid claims, but 4.68% of Medicaid payments. Medicaid payments for genetic services for patients with these 11 selected disorders in Texas during a nine-month period in 1987 were $10,122, or 0.02% of the total Medicaid payments for these claimants. We conclude that our estimate of the Medicaid payments for these disorders in 1987 of nearly $100 million represents a low estimate of the true medical costs for the care of these patients. This study also indicates that these 11 disorders represent a disproportionate share of Medicaid payments; i.e., these patients show a high ratio of payment per claim. We also conclude from these data that CIDC is a significant source of support for the medical care of these patients in Texas. And, finally, this study suggests that referral for genetic services represents a significant barrier for individuals in need of these services.

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