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Mol Microbiol. 1990 Dec;4(12):2063-70.

Bacillus subtilis levansucrase: amino acid substitutions at one site affect secretion efficiency and refolding kinetics mediated by metals.

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Laboratoire Génétique et Membranes, Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS-Université Paris VII, France.


Studies of the equilibrium between native and denatured forms of wild-type levansucrase showed that the denatured form was predominant at 37 degrees C and pH 7 in the absence of free metal. The shift to the native form was promoted by metal ions such as Fe3+ or Ca2+. This metal-dependent refolding process was not observed in levansucrase variants bearing the amino acid substitution Gly-366----Asp or Gly-366----Val. These variants were only slightly secreted by Bacillus subtilis although their signal sequences were normally cleaved and their exocellular forms stable. In contrast, the Gly-366----Ser variant was secreted at near-normal levels and shared a part of the in vitro refolding properties of the wild-type protein. These differential properties might be related to the ability of the altered region to form a beta-turn structure. We discuss the possible role of metal ions in the coupling of protein folding and secretion.

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