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Anal Biochem. 2011 May 15;412(2):203-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2011.01.026. Epub 2011 Jan 24.

A sensitive mass spectrometry method for simultaneous quantification of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation levels in biological samples.

Author information

Department of Human Genetics, Broad Stem Cell Research Center, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA.


The recent discovery of 5-hydroxymethyl-cytosine (5 hmC) in embryonic stem cells and postmitotic neurons has triggered the need for quantitative measurements of both 5-methyl-cytosine (5 mC) and 5 hmC in the same sample. We have developed a method using liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry with multiple reaction monitoring (LC-ESI-MS/MS-MRM) to simultaneously measure levels of 5 mC and 5 hmC in digested genomic DNA. This method is fast, robust, and accurate, and it is more sensitive than the current 5 hmC quantitation methods such as end labeling with thin layer chromatography and radiolabeling by glycosylation. Only 50 ng of digested genomic DNA is required to measure the presence of 0.1% 5 hmC in DNA from mouse embryonic stem cells. Using this procedure, we show that human induced pluripotent stem cells exhibit a dramatic increase in 5 mC and 5 hmC levels compared with parental fibroblast cells, suggesting a dynamic regulation of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation during cellular reprogramming.

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