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Drug Test Anal. 2010 Nov-Dec;2(11-12):548-56.

Influence of intravenous administration of growth hormone releasing peptide-2 (GHRP-2) on detection of growth hormone doping: growth hormone isoform profiles in Japanese male subjects.

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Anti-Doping Center, Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation, 3-30-1 Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


Administration of exogenous 22 kDa recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) suppresses the non-22 kDa pituitary growth hormone (GH) secretion by negative feedback; then, the elevated 22 kDa GH to non-22 kDa GH ratio (Rec/Pit ratio) can be utilized to detect doping with rhGH (isoform differential immunoassay). The influence of intravenous administration of growth hormone releasing peptide GHRP-2 on the isoform differential immunoassay for detecting rhGH doping has been investigated.In this study, a reference population (n=100) was used, with 0.04 mg/kg rhGH subcutaneous administration (n=5), 100 μg of GHRP-2 intravenous administration (n=10) and 0.04 mg/kg rhGH combined with 100 μg of GHRP-2 (n=10) in Japanese male subjects. The results indicated that the low dose (0.04 mg/kg) of rhGH led to significantly increased Rec/Pit ratio compared with the Japanese reference limit (P < 0.001). Because GHRP-2 dose led to increases in concentrations of both recombinant GH (recGH) and pituitary GH (pit GH), no significant change in the Rec/Pit ratio was observed (P > 0.05). In a combined administration study, after GHRP-2 dose the Rec/Pit ratios decreased to 39.9-43.9% compared with the elevated ratio caused by the rhGH dose.The results indicated that GHRP-2 administration cannot only be detected by the isoform differential immunoassay but also masks rhGH doping. The analysis of GHRP-2 was found to be suitable for compensating for the disadvantages of the isoform differential immunoassay because GHRP-2 and its metabolite (AA-3) in urine could be detected during the periods of masking of the Rec/Pit ratio by means of liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.

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