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Cell Transplant. 2010;19(10):1225-35. doi: 10.3727/09638910X519265.

Purification and characterization of adipose-derived stem cells from patients with lipoaspirate transplant.

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Dipartimento di Oncologia Sperimentale, Istituto Regina Elena, Roma, Italy.


Techniques for medical tissue regeneration require an abundant source of human adult stem cells. There is increasing evidence that adipose stem cells contribute to restoration of tissue vascularization and organ function. The object of our study was to isolate and characterize adult adipose-derived stem cells from patients undergoing on lipoaspirate transplant with the aim to improve tissue regeneration. Adipose-derived stem cells were isolated and purified from the lipoaspirate of 15 patients and characterized for CD markers and the ability to differentiate toward the adipogenic lineage. We found that purified adipose stem cells express high level of CD49d, CD44, CD90, CD105, CD13, and CD71 and these markers of staminality were maintained at high level for at least 3 months and seven passages of in vitro culture. As expected, these cells resulted negative for the endothelial and hematopoietic-specific markers CD31, CD106, CD34, and CD45. Differentiation towards adipogenic lineage demonstrated that purified adipose-derived stem cells are still able to become adipocytes at least 3 months after in vitro culture. The analysis of Akt and MAPK phosphorylation confirmed a modulation of their activity during differentiation. Interestingly, we established for the first time that, among the p53 family members, a strong upregulation of p63 expression occurs in adipocytic differentiation, indicating a role for this transcription factor in adipocytic differentiation. Taken together, these data indicate that purified lipoaspirate-derived stem cells maintain their characteristic of staminality for a long period of in vitro culture, suggesting that they could be applied for cell-based therapy to improve autologous lipoaspirate transplant.

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