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[Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis in a rural population of Cordoba province, Argentina].

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Cátedra de Medicina II, UHMI 3, UNC, Hospital Córdoba.



Vitamin D deficiency is defined when blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH) D) is less than ng / mmol/L. The status of Vitamin D level is associated with clinical, pathological and physiological changes as increased of parathyroid hormone, bone remodeling, osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures. Moreover,vitamin D and its metabolites are known to be associated with multiple chronic diseases as diabetes mellitus, autoimmune, cardiovascular and neoplasia diseases.


To assess the vitamin D status in a rural population of Córdoba Province in Argentina and its relation with bone mineral density.


We prospectively studied 31 patients over 50 years old who live in a rural population of Pampa de Achala in Córdoba Province, Argentina. This city is located in Córdoba High mountains. Blood vitamin D levels were tested in 24 patients and Bone mineral density in 31 patients. Vitamin D level was determined by HPLC. The vitamin D level were considered normal between 20-50 ng/ml in the winter season and 20-80 ng/ml in the summer season. Bone mineral density of lumbar spine and femoral neck was measured by DXA GE LUNAR DPX-L, according to World Health organization classification (37). The data were analyzed by Spearman coefficient and Chi cuadrado.


The vitamin D levels samples were available in 24 patients. Mean blood Vitamin D level was 24.54 ng /ml. 8 of them (33%) had vitamin D level less than 20ng/ ml. 83% (20) of the analysed patients had vitamin D level less than 30 ng/ml and only 4 patients has vitamin D level more than 30 ng/ml. Low bone mineral density of lumbar spine and femoral neck was found in 66 % of the patients. 19 % of the patients were diagnosed of lumbar spine and femoral neck osteoporosis and 29 % of them had lumbar spine meanwhile 25 % had femoral neck. There was not statistically significant association between vitamin D level and bone mineral density analysed by Chi Cuadrado (p<0.07). A significant association was found between blood vitamin D level and low bone mineral density of femoral neck (Spearman 0.51) CONCLUSIONS: Vitamin D insufficiency is high in the rural adult population of Pampa de Achala in Córdoba and it could be a major health problem in this population.

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