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Virology. 1990 Jan;174(1):79-86.

Molecular characterization of the RNA S segment of nephropathia epidemica virus strain Hällnäs B1.

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ZMBH und Institut für Molekulare Genetik der Universität Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany.


The S segment RNA of nephropathia epidemica virus (NEV) strain Hällnäs B1 was isolated by molecular cloning of the corresponding cDNA. The RNA is 1785 nucleotides long with the 3' and 5' termini being complementary for 23 bases. The viral messenger-sense RNA contains one major open reading frame (ORF) with a coding capacity of 433 amino acids encoding a 49-kDa polypeptide. Compared to the Hantaan S segment cDNA sequence there is a nucleotide homology of 60 and 61% at the amino acid level. Many of the amino acid differences are conservative exchanges. The C-termini of the NEV and Hantaan nucleocapsid proteins are nearly identical and the hydrophilicity profiles are very similar. In contrast, the following differences are significant: The calculated isoelectric points of the NEV and Hantaan nucleocapsid proteins are 5.6 and 6.7, respectively. The most prominent antigenic determinants predicted by the hydrophilicity profiles are located close to the C-terminus of NEV and close to the N-terminus of Hantaan virus nucleocapsid polypeptides.

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