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Plant Mol Biol. 1990 May;14(5):707-14.

Down-regulation of phytochrome mRNA abundance by red light and benzyladenine in etiolated cucumber cotyledons.

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Department of Biology, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins 80523.


Northern blot analysis revealed that a single 4.2 kb phytochrome mRNA species was detectable in cotyledons excised from five-day-old etiolated cucumber seedlings. Intact etiolated five-day-old cucumber seedlings were given a red light or benzyladenine treatment, and cotyledons were harvested at various times following treatment. The abundance of phytochrome mRNA in the cotyledons was quantitated using 32P-labeled RNA probes and slot blot analysis. By 2 h after irradiation the phytochrome mRNA level was reduced to 40% of the initial abundance and reaccumulation began by 3 h after irradiation. Reaccumulation of phytochrome mRNA to the time-zero dark control level was achieved by 10 h after treatment. A decrease in phytochrome mRNA abundance was evident by 2 h after benzyladenine treatment, and a maximal reduction to 45% of the time-zero dark control was attained by 4 h after treatment. No recovery of the phytochrome mRNA level was evident by 8 h after benzyladenine treatment. The abundance of actin mRNA was unaffected by benzyladenine treatment.

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