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Cell Regul. 1990 Apr;1(5):415-24.

Membrane traffic between secretory compartments is differentially affected during mitosis.

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Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley 94720.


Membrane traffic has been shown to be regulated during cell division. In particular, with the use of viral membrane proteins as markers, endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-to-Golgi transport in mitotic cells has been shown to be essentially blocked. However, the effect of mitosis on other steps in the secretory pathway is less clear, because an early block makes examination of following steps difficult. Here, we report studies on the functional characteristics of secretory pathways in mitotic mammalian tissue culture cells by the use of a variety of markers. Chinese hamster ovary cells were transfected with cDNAs encoding secretory proteins. Consistent with earlier results following viral membrane proteins, we found that the overall secretory pathway is nonfunctional in mitotic cells, and a major block to secretion is at the step between ER and Golgi: the overall rate of secretion of human growth hormone is reduced at least 10-fold in mitotic cells, and export of truncated vesicular stomatitis virus G protein from the ER is inhibited to about the same extent, as judged by acquisition of endoglycosidase H resistance. To ascertain the integrity of transport from the trans-Golgi to plasma membrane, we followed the secretion of sulfated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) chains, which are synthesized in the Golgi and thus are not subject to the earlier ER-to-Golgi block. GAG chains are valid markers for the pathway taken by constitutive secretory proteins; both protein secretion and GAG chain secretion are sensitive to treatment with n-ethyl-maleimide and monensin and are blocked at 19 degrees C. We found that the extent of GAG-chain secretion is not altered during mitosis, although the initial rate of secretion is reduced about twofold in mitotic compared with interphase cells. Thus, during mitosis, transport from the trans-Golgi to plasma membrane is much less hindered than ER-to-Golgi traffic. We conclude that transport steps are not affected to the same extent during mitosis.

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