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Front Med Biol Eng. 1990;2(4):293-301.

Development and clinical application of a portable oxygen concentrator.

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Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical College, Japan.


We have produced a compact, lightweight oxygen concentrator, using a newly-developed polymer of poly [1-(trimethylsilyl)-1-propyne] with a performance, i.e. oxygen permeability, of 61 x 10 cm3 (STP) cm/cm2 s cmHg, which is 17 times higher than that of the membrane material of conventional concentrators. The oxygen and nitrogen selectivity was 1.80. The dimensions of the apparatus are 325 x 180 x 150 mm and it weighs about 4.0 kg. It is actuated by a battery (DC 12 V, 5.6 Ah), with a 100 V AC source and a car battery (12 V) source also available. The power consumption is 70 W. The generated oxygen concentration is about 30%, and the maximum flow rate is 41/min. Applying 10 samples of various chronic pulmonary diseases to the subject, the suction of oxygen from the apparatus in the patients' rest state was conducted. An increase in the PaO2, from an average of 59.1 Torr before the suction to an average of 68.5 Torr after the suction, together with easing of breathing, was indicated. The usefulness of this apparatus for supplying portable oxygen-treatment to patients with chronic respiratory disease is shown.

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