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J Antimicrob Chemother. 2010 Oct;65(10):2224-30. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkq281. Epub 2010 Jul 29.

Tolerability of prolonged linezolid therapy in bone and joint infection: protective effect of rifampicin on the occurrence of anaemia?

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Infectious Diseases Department, Dron Hospital of Tourcoing, Tourcoing, France.



Linezolid therapy has shown high rates of clinical success in patients with osteomyelitis and prosthetic joint infections caused by Gram-positive cocci. Recent studies have demonstrated that linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy prevents the emergence of rifampicin-resistant mutations in vitro. However, linezolid/rifampicin combination-related haematological and neurological toxicities have not been evaluated.


To assess the tolerability of prolonged linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy compared with other linezolid-containing regimens in patients with bone and joint infections.


We reviewed the medical records of 94 patients who had received linezolid for >4 weeks after bone and joint infections. Anaemia was defined as a ≥2 g/dL reduction in haemoglobin, leucopenia as a total leucocyte count <4 × 10(9)/L, and thrombocytopenia as a reduction in platelet count to <75% of baseline.


Anaemia was less frequent among patients on linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy than among patients on linezolid alone or in combination with other drugs (9.3%, 44% and 52%, respectively; P<0.01). In multivariate analysis, age and treatment group were independently associated with anaemia. Thrombocytopenia was reported in 44% of patients on linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy, in 48% of patients on linezolid alone and in 57.7% of patients on other linezolid-containing regimens. Age was the only variable associated with thrombocytopenia (P=0.019) in univariate analysis.


Linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy was associated with a significantly reduced incidence of anaemia among patients with bone and joint infections, but it did not have an effect on thrombocytopenia and peripheral neuropathy rates. Linezolid/rifampicin combination therapy was not associated with poor clinical outcomes.

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