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J Clin Periodontol. 1991 May;18(5):337-40.

Plaque-growth inhibiting effect of chewing gum containing urea hydrogen peroxide.

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Department of Periodontology, University of Helsinki, Finland.


The plaque-reducing effect of a chewing gum containing hydrogen peroxide was assessed. 12 dental hygienist students participated in a double-blind 3 x randomly crossed-over study. During the 4-day test periods, from Monday to Friday, no oral hygiene measures were allowed other than chewing 2 pieces of gum for approximately 10 min 5 x daily. The 800 mg pieces of gum were V6+regular (V6+) containing 0.4 g sorbitol and 6.3 mg hydrogen peroxide, V6 placebo gum (PLAC) containing 0.45 g sorbitol and no hydrogen peroxide, and only the gum base (GB) as a negative control. The quantity of plaque was assessed using the plaque index and the visible plaque index, and by scraping "all" plaque off the teeth in half the mouth during 2.5 min for determination of plaque wet weight. With all 3 measurements, chewing of the hydrogen peroxide-releasing gum (V6+) resulted in significantly lower plaque increments, from Monday to Friday, than chewing of the gum base (P less than 0.05). Chewing of the V6 placebo gum (PLAC) resulted in plaque scores which differed from neither those recorded after use of the hydrogen peroxide releasing (V6+) nor the placebo (GB) gums. The observed plaque-growth inhibiting effect of the hydrogen peroxide-releasing chewing gum in the present study was found to be of limited clinical significance.

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