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Exp Brain Res. 1991;84(2):417-25.

Medial vestibular nucleus in the guinea-pig. I. Intrinsic membrane properties in brainstem slices.

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Département de Physiologie, CMU, Genève, Switzerland.


Intracellular recordings were obtained from medial vestibular nuclei neurones (MVNn) in guinea-pig brainstem slices. Two main distinct neuronal classes were encountered. Type A MVNn (32.3%) were characterized by a broad action potential followed by a deep single afterhyperpolarization, a transient A-like rectification, and a single range of firing in response to current injection. Type B MVNn (47.1%), in contrast, were distinguished by the presence of a thin action potential followed first by a fast and then by a delayed and slower afterhyperpolarization. In addition, they displayed a secondary range of firing in their response to current injection. A majority of B MVNn also had either sub-threshold plateau potentials or low threshold spike bursts or a combination thereof. A third, non-homogeneous class of cells, could not be fitted into either one of the two main classes (20.6%, type C MVNn).

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