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Epigenetic silencing during early lineage commitment.


Cedar H1, Bergman Y1.


StemBook [Internet]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard Stem Cell Institute; 2008-.
2009 Apr 30.

Author information

Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University Medical School, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, 91120, Israel


A large part of the genome is repressed in animal cells. This expression profile is set up during early development through a number of different mechanisms, including site-specific repression complexes and global DNA methylation which probably work by generating inaccessible chromatin structures. This overall pattern is then largely maintained throughout development. Early lineage commitment is associated with the turning off of pluripotency genes through programmed heterochromatinization, with DNA methylation providing long-term stability and inhibiting somatic cell reprogramming.

Copyright: © 2009 Howard Cedar and Yehudit Bergman.

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