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Opt Express. 2010 Jun 21;18(13):13813-28. doi: 10.1364/OE.18.013813.

Spectral characterization of porous dielectric subwavelength THz fibers fabricated using a microstructured molding technique.

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Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, C.P. 6079, succ. Centre-ville, Montreal, QC, Canada.


We report two novel fabrication techniques, as well as THz spectral transmission and propagation loss measurements of subwavelength plastic wires with highly porous (up to 86%) and non-porous transverse geometries. The two fabrication techniques we describe are based on the microstructured molding approach. In one technique the mold is made completely from silica by stacking and fusing silica capillaries to the bottom of a silica ampoule. The melted material is then poured into the silica mold to cast the microstructured preform. Another approach uses a microstructured mold made of a sacrificial plastic which is co-drawn with a cast preform. Material from the sacrificial mold is then dissolved after fi ber drawing. We also describe a novel THz-TDS setup with an easily adjustable optical path length, designed to perform cutback measurements using THz fibers of up to 50 cm in length. We fi nd that while both porous and non-porous subwavelength fibers of the same outside diameter have low propagation losses (alpha <or= 0.02 cm(-1)), the porous fi bers exhibit a much wider spectral transmission window and enable transmission at higher frequencies compared to the non-porous fibers. We then show that the typical bell-shaped transmission spectra of the subwavelengths fibers can be very well explained by the onset of material absorption loss at higher frequencies, due to strong confinement of the modal fields in the material region of the fi ber, as well as strong coupling loss at lower frequencies, due to mismatch between the modal field diameter and the size of the gaussian-like beam of a THz source.

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