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Am J Vet Res. 1978 Jan;39(1):59-63.

Cross reaction between bovine enterovirus and South African Territories I5 foot-and-mouth disease virus.


A bovine enterovirus (E76T) isolated from a 2-year-old bull produced serologic cross reactions to South African Territories (SAT) I5 foot-and-mouth disease virus when inoculated into guinea pigs and cattle. Cross-reacting serum titers to SAT I5 virus of 1:320 by the plaque-reduction neutralization test and 1:20 by the radial immunodiffusion test occurred in 2 steers after they were inoculated with the E76T virus. In 1 steer, maximal cross-reacting titers appeared related to a 2nd exposure to the viruses or to a hyperimmune state. Ultracentrifugation and 2-mercaptoethanol studies indicated that the cross reactions were due to immunoglobulin M antibody. Sera from guinea pigs immunized with the E76T or the SAT I5 virus cross reacted with the heterologous virus by postinoculation day 7. Cross-reacting titers had decreased markedly by postinoculation day 35, whereas the homologous virus titer remained constant. Cross reactivity of the E76T virus was primarily with the SAT I5 virus, and to a lesser degree with SAT II3. Cross reactions did not occur with representatives of the 5 other antigenic types of foot-and-mouth disease virus.

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