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Genes Genet Syst. 2010 Feb;85(1):43-53.

Molecular mapping of the suppressor gene Igc1 to the gametocidal gene Gc3-C1 in common wheat.

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Laboratory of Plant Genetics, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan.


Several species of the genus Aegilops, wild relatives of wheat (Triticum aestivum, 2n = 6x = 42, AABBDD) carry gametocidal (Gc) genes. Gc genes kill the gametes without themselves by causing chromosomal breakage during post-meiotic cell divisions, and therefore are strong segregation distorters. The Gc gene Gc3-C1 derived from chromosome 3C of Ae. triuncialis (2n = 4x = 28, CCUU) induces chromosomal breakage in wheat cultivar 'Chinese Spring' (CS) but not in cultivar 'Norin 26' (N26). This cultivar-specific inhibition of Gc function is caused by a suppressor gene Igc1 located on chromosome 3B of N26. Igc1 is presumed to be a modified Gc gene without breakage function because of its homoeology to Gc3-C1. Here we report the results of linkage and physical mapping of Igc1 to help elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying Gc action. Segregation analysis of the phenotypic data in BC(1)F(1) mapping population of the cross between (CSxN26)F(1) and CS + 3C" showed a 1:1 segregation ratio indicating that Igc1 is a dominant gene. In the linkage analysis, three molecular marker loci Xgwm285, Xgwm376, and Xcfp1886 cosegregated with the Igc1 locus. Bin mapping assigned the loci Xgwm285 and Xcfp1886 to bin C-3BS1-0.33 and Xgwm376 to bin C-3BL2-0.22. Physical mapping using Gc-induced chromosomal deletion lines of chromosome 3B of N26 revealed that the Igc1 locus resides in 52.0% or 2.1% of bins C-3BS1-0.33 and C-3BL2-0.22, respectively. Pericentromeric localization of Igc1 in chromosome 3B of N26 may have a positive effect to keep the two-component system of the Gc action. Map-based cloning approach to isolate the Igc1 may be difficult because recombination is depleted in the pericentromeric region. As is shown in this study, the combination of genetic and physical mapping offers high efficiency to identify the regions where genes are located especially in regions with low levels of recombination.

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