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DNA Cell Biol. 1991 May;10(4):271-82.

CYP52 (cytochrome P450alk) multigene family in Candida maltosa: molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of the two tandemly arranged genes.

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Department of Agricultural Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan.


Southern blot analysis under low-stringency conditions using a previously isolated n-alkane-inducible cytochrome P450 (P450alk) gene as a probe revealed the presence of multiple P450alk-related genes in the genome of Candida maltosa. Nine P450alk-related genes (one reported previously and eight in the present report) were isolated from a genomic library constructed from this strain, and these were classified on the basis of sequence similarities into three pairs of putative allelic genes and three nonallelic genes. Two pairs of these alleles were tandemly arranged in the genome. The complete nucleotide sequences of one of these pairs were determined and compared to other members of this P450 family (CYP52) in C. maltosa and C. tropicalis. Northern blot analysis further showed that these genes were regulated by carbon sources. These results provide evidence for a P450alk (CYP52) multigene family in C. maltosa.

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