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Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 1991 Mar;34(3):211-3.

Abnormalities in fasting circulating proinsulin concentration in mild gestational diabetes.

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Unit of Metabolic Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK.


Fasting plasma proinsulin, insulin and glucose concentrations were measured in ten women with mild gestational diabetes and ten controls matched for race, age (32 +/- 6 vs 31 +/- 6 years), body mass index (28 +/- 8 vs 27 +/- 6) and gestational week (24 +/- 4 vs 25 +/- 4 weeks). There was no significant difference in fasting plasma glucose between these gestational diabetics and their controls (median 4.7, range 3.7-6.0 mmol/l vs 4.5, range 3.4-5.3 mmol/l). The fasting proinsulin levels were significantly higher in the gestational diabetics compared with the controls (median 12.2, range less than 4-14.8 pmol/l vs 5.8, range less than 4-12.8 pmol/l, P less than or equal to 0.02, Wilcoxon Summed Rank Test), while the calculated intact insulin levels (immunoreactive insulin minus proinsulin) were significantly lower (median 14.5, range 6.3-81.8 pmol/l vs 51.6, range 11.7-312 pmol/l, P less than or equal to 0.01). The ratio of proinsulin to calculated intact insulin was significantly higher in the gestational diabetics than the controls (median 0.66, range 0.16-2.04 vs 0.12, range 0.03-0.62), P less than or equal to 0.01). These results demonstrate that gestational diabetics, with normal fasting plasma glucose values, have abnormalities in pancreatic beta-cell secretion, which are likely to be important both in the aetiology of gestational diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

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