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J Cyclic Nucleotide Res. 1977 Dec;3(6):393-406.

The regulatory GTPase cycle of turkey erythrocyte adenylate cyclase.


It has recently been suggested that adenylate cyclase activity is controlled by a regulatory cycle consisting of two reactions: a hormone induced formation of the active adenylate cyclase-GTP complex, and a subsequent turn-off reaction in which hydrolysis of the bound nucleotide reverts the system to the inactive state. To test this model each of the two reactions was measured separately and their rate constants were used to estimate the steady state adenylate cyclase and GTPase activities. The first order rate constants were kon = 3 min-1 for the activation reaction and koff = 15 min-1 for the turn-off reaction. Substitution of these rate constants in the steady state equation of the regulatory cycle gave values of hormone stimulated adenylate cyclase and GTPase activities similar to those determined by direct measurements. Treatment of the adenylate cyclase with cholera toxin caused a decrease of 96% in the rate constant of the turn-off reaction. In this case too the activities calculated from the steady state equation were in good agreement with those determined directly.

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