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Clin Chim Acta. 1991 Feb 15;196(2-3):143-51.

A simple method for determination of serum catalase activity and revision of reference range.

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Department of Laboratory, Municipal Hospital, Sümeg, Hungary.


A rapid, cost-efficient, spectrophotometric assay for serum catalase activity was developed. It was a combination of optimized enzymatic conditions and the spectrophotometric assay of hydrogen peroxide based on formation of its stable complex with ammonium molybdate. Lipemic and icteric sera increased the absorbance without influencing the catalase assay. Due to the high catalase activity in erythrocytes artificial hemolysis increased serum catalase activity. The imprecision of the method was CV less than 5.8% within run as well and day-to-day. The catalase assay performed using polarographic and spectrophotometric determination of hydrogen peroxide yielded a good correlation (r = 0.9602, b = 1.011, a = -0.648, n = 440). In 742 healthy individuals the mean and SD values of serum catalase were 50.5 +/- 18.1 kU/l with 17.7% higher activity in males than in females. Between 14-60 yr the serum catalase increased with age.

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