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Pathol Res Pract. 1991 Jan;187(1):1-22.

Towards understanding skeletal muscle regeneration.

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Department of Pathology, University of Western Australia.


Factors which effect proliferation and fusion of muscle precursor cells have been studied extensively in tissue culture, although little is known about these events in vivo. This review assesses the tissue culture derived data with a view to understanding factors which may control the regeneration of mature skeletal muscle in vivo. The following topics are discussed in the light of recent developments in cell and molecular biology: 1) Injury and necrosis of mature skeletal muscle fibres 2) Phagocytosis of myofibre debris 3) Revascularisation of injured muscle 4) Activation and proliferation of muscle precursor cells (mpc) in vivo Identification of mpcs; Satellite cell relationships; Extracellular matrix; Growth factors; Hormones; Replication. 5) Differentiation and fusion of muscle precursor cells in vivo Differentiation; Fusion; Extracellular matrix; Cell surface molecules: Growth factors and prostaglandins 6) Myotubes and innervation.

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