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BMC Public Health. 2009 Dec 1;9:442. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-442.

Evaluation of a combined strategy directed towards health-care professionals and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): information and health education feedback for improving clinical monitoring and quality-of-life.

Collaborators (169)

Pérez E, Villena MD, Peñalver N, Garrote A, Carrera A, Rodríguez D, González S, Morata C, Toll J, Rodríguez M, Hernández H, Centeno S, López V, Fuentes B, Burull M, Gómez A, D'Lacoste M, Cabello E, Ortiz O, López C, Parcet J, Galán ME, Rius C, Sánchez E, Ruiz E, Segarra J, Montané I, Soler M, Grau B, Barreto P, Pérez N, González L, Santamaría MJ, Wennberg P, Vega M, Ventura J, Alguacil F, Monge P, Porta I, Mateo MR, Cerain MJ, Julià MT, Monte I, Bergua A, Lázaro A, Malo FJ, Alcaraz C, Pallarés T, Fraj J, Rodríguez MP, Postigo P, Collado M, Muñoz J, Pérez EG, Bosch E, Gómez B, Muniesa JV, Rabaneda R, Francisco Ridao, Lina Jurado, Francesc Serra, Dora Ruenz, Payá M, Perdigón E, Robles P, García M, Calvet A, Duran M, García I, Vintro MT, Soler M, Galera C, Carmés E, Ruiz D, Lara S, Espín A, Gozalbo L, Fernández R, Pons S, Peñarrubia M, Núñez P, Verdú J, Carretero C, Peligro J, Moreno M, Oriol A, Pallerols MT, Sellas P, Villavecchia F, Just M, Aparicio E, Florensa E, Fusté MP, Delgado C, Morillo C, Vives A, Zarza E, Adroer R, Fernández C, Sarró M, Fernández MP, Solsona L, Pérez J, Ballbé JL, Profitós N, Sanfeliu N, Català M, Rubio C, Ramos M, Berengué M, Pedrosa MM, Cañadas S, Secorun M, Monteverde X, Constanza M, Badía T, Vergés I, Oriol P, Fuentes M, Fuentes MI, Rico Y, Henares B, Ortuño A, López F, Fortea J, Esteve L, Oliete A, Gosálbez D, Guerra E, Tamayo C, González S, Hernández AR, Vázquez I, Barrio C, García R, Val A, Ginés R, Corral ME, de la Torre F, Calvet L, Mendoza E, Vidal JM, Bernal I, Martínez E, Montagut M, Caballero JC, Ramón J, Benet JM, Cervera P, Dosío A, Navarro E, Claramunt C, Sáez T, Vallina JL, Alemany A, Castro X, Torrecilla MJ, Simonet P, Padilla A, Rosa Villafafila, Carmen Lacemberri, Carmen García, Sonia Moreiras, Luís Bravo J, Ma Victoria Vico, Lluís Esteve, Asunsión Oliete, González MD, Rafael Martínez.



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a health problem that is becoming increasingly attended-to in Primary Care (PC). However, there is a scarcity of health-care programs and studies exploring the implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG). The principal objective of the present study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a combined strategy directed towards health-care professionals and patients to improve the grade of clinical control and the quality-of-life (QoL) of the patients via a feedback on their state-of-health. A training plan for the health-care professionals is based on CPG and health education.


Multi-centred, before-after, quasi experimental, prospective study involving an intervention group and a control group of individuals followed-up for 12 months. The patients receive attention from urban and semi-urban Primary Care Centres (PCC) within the administrative area of the Costa de Ponent (near Barcelona). All the pacients corresponding to the PCC of one sub-area were assigned to the intervention group and patients from the rest of sub-areas to the group control. The intervention includes providing data to the health-care professionals (clinician/nurse) derived from a clinical history and an interview. A course of training focused on aspects of CPG, motivational interview and health education (tobacco, inhalers, diet, physical exercise, physiotherapy). The sample random includes a total of 801 patients (> or = 40 years of age), recorded as having COPD, receiving attention in the PCC or at home, who have had at least one clinical visit, and who provided written informed consent to participation in the study. Data collected include socio-demographic characteristics, drug treatment, exacerbations and hospital admissions, evaluation of inhaler use, tobacco consumption and life-style and health-care resources consumed. The main endpoints are dyspnoea, according to the modified scale of the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the QoL, evaluated with the St George's Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ). The variables are obtained at the start and the end of the intervention. Information from follow-up visits focuses on the changes in life-style activities of the patient.


This study is conducted with the objective of generating evidence that shows that implementation of awareness programs directed towards health-care professionals as well as patients in the context of PC can produce an increase in the QoL and a decrease in the disease exacerbation, compared to standard clinical practice.


Clinical Identifier: NCT00922545;

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