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Acta Med Hist Adriat. 2008;6(2):333-6.

Medical ethics in a writing of Galen.

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The aim of this critical analysis is to present the medical ethics of Galen in his treatise "The Best Physician is Also a Philosopher").Galen opens with the example of Hippocrates as a paradigm of his medical ethics, and continues by saying that the knowledge of the human body must be profound. In the third part of the treatise he stresses the importance of logic, precise use of language, study of the texts by Hippocrates and other medical writings, and dwells on conflicts between theory and medical practice. In the fourth part, he proposes that a physician should have perfect self-control, scorn money and the pleasures of the flesh, and should live a laborious life. Galen's ethics expounded in this treatise outlines ideals a physician should follow, ideals,that have remained valid to this day.


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