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Exp Cell Res. 1991 Mar;193(1):93-100.

Induction of extracellular matrix gene expression in normal human keratinocytes by transforming growth factor beta is altered by cellular differentiation.

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Cell Biology Group, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709.


Changes in epithelial substrate have been related to the cellular capacity for proliferation and to changes in cellular behavior. The effect of TGF beta 1 on the expression of the basement membrane genes, fibronectin, laminin B1, and collagen alpha 1 (IV), was examined. Northern analysis revealed that treatment of normal human epidermal keratinocytes with 100 pM TGF beta 1 increased the expression of each extracellular matrix (ECM) gene within 4 h of treatment. Maximal induction was reached within 24 h after treatment. The induction of ECM mRNA expression was dose dependent and was observed at doses as low as 1-3 pM TGF beta 1. Incremental doses of TGF beta 1 also increased cellular levels of fibronectin protein in undifferentiated keratinocytes and resulted in increased secretion of fibronectin. Squamous-differentiated cultures of keratinocytes expressed lower levels of the extracellular matrix RNAs than did undifferentiated cells. Treatment of these differentiated cells with TGF beta 1 induced the expression of fibronectin mRNA to levels seen in TGF beta-treated, undifferentiated keratinocytes but only marginally increased the expression of collagen alpha 1 (IV) and laminin B1 mRNA. The increased fibronectin mRNA expression in the differentiated keratinocytes was also reflected by increased accumulation of cellular and secreted fibronectin protein. The inclusion of cycloheximide in the protocol indicated that TGF beta induction of collagen alpha 1 (IV) mRNA was signaled by proteins already present in the cells but that TGF beta required the synthesis of a protein(s) to fully induce expression of fibronectin and laminin B1 mRNA. The differential regulation of these genes in differentiated cells may be important to TGF beta action in regulating reepithelialization.

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