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Zhonghua Er Ke Za Zhi. 2009 Aug;47(8):598-603.

[Application of ATP based bioluminescence tumor chemosensitivity assay in the chemotherapy of pediatric solid tumor].

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Department of Surgery, Beijng Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Beijing 100045, China.



To explore the clinical significance of ATP based bioluminescence in vitro tumor chemosensitivity assay (ATP-TCA) in the chemotherapy of pediatric solid tumor.


The cell culture technique and ATP-TCA were used to study chemosensitivity assay in specimens from 50 cases who underwent resection surgery for solid tumor (15 malignant neurogenic tumor, 8 malignant germ cell tumors, 10 Wilms' tumors, 10 hepatoblastomas, 6 rhabdomyosarcomas, 1 adrenocortical carcinoma), 8 chemotherapeutic drugs and 8 drug combination schedules were applied in every specimen.


(1) Specimens of 46 of 50 pediatric patients with solid tumors were suitable for evaluation and were evaluated, the overall evaluation rate was 92% (46/50). (2) There was the heterogeneity in the chemosensitivity of the solid tumors in vitro. (3) The drug combination schedules of high sensitivity rate of every kind of pediatric solid tumor are as follows: the malignant neurogenic tumor: CBP + EPI + IFO (12/15, 80.0%), VCR + CTX + DDP + DTIC (11/15, 73.3%); malignant germ cell tumor: DDP + VCR + BLM(8/8, 100%), TPTN + ACTD + IFO(8/8, 100%), As2O3 (7/8, 87.5%); Wilms' tumor: VCR + ACTD(6/7, 85.7%), CBP + VP16 (6/8, 75.0%); hepatoblastoma: VCR + CTX + DDP + VP16 (8/9, 88.9%), CBP +IFO + VM26 (7/9, 77.8%), DDP + VP16 + TPTN(7/9, 77.8%); rhabdomyosarcoma: VCR + CTX + DDP + VP16 (5/5, 100%); adrenocortical carcinoma: VCR + CTX + ADM. (4) As2O3 reached a high in vitro sensitive rate of 87.5% (7/8) and 46.7% (7/15) in malignant germ cell tumor and the malignant neurogenic tumor respectively, PTX was sensitive to the malignant neurogenic tumor and rhabdomyosarcoma (40.0% (6/15), 60.0% (3/5)), GEM was sensitive to pediatric malignant germ cell tumor and rhabdomyosarcoma (50.0% (4/8), 60.0% (3/5)).


ATP-TCA is a sensitive method for the chemotherapeutic agents screening of pediatric malignant solid tumor, and ATP-TCA assay results correlated well with clinical response. It appears to be useful in screening new drugs for pediatric solid tumor, exploring the possible combination plots and principles, evaluating the efficacy of existing chemotherapy, and optimize chemotherapy on an individual basis.

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