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J Biomol Tech. 2009 Dec;20(5):266-71.

mRNA-sequencing whole transcriptome analysis of a single cell on the SOLiD system.

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Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies Corporation, Genetic Analysis Business Unit, Foster City, California 94404, USA.


We have developed a sequencing-based gene expression profiling assay at single-cell resolution by combining a modified single-cell whole transcriptome amplification method with the next generation sequencing technique, the SOLiD system. Using this assay, we have shown that blastomeres in a four-cell stage embryo have similar gene expression, which is compatible with the fact that they have similar developmental potential. We proved that compared with cDNA microarray technique, our single-cell cDNA SOLiD sequencing assay can detect expression of thousands of more genes. Moreover, for the genes detected by microarray and SOLiD sequencing, our assay detected new transcript variants for a large proportion of them, which confirms unambiguously at single-cell resolution that the transcriptome complexity is higher than expected traditionally. Finally, by using our assay to Dicer knockout (KO) and Ago2 KO oocytes, we showed that a significant amount of transposons were up-regulated abnormally in Dicer/Ago2 KO mature oocytes compared with wild-type controls.


Ago2; Dicer; gene expression

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