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Acta Cytol. 1991 Jan-Feb;35(1):69-75.

Comparison of spatula and nonspatula methods for cervical sampling.

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Department of Cytology, Tzanio General Hospital, Piraeus, Greece.


A comparison between nonspatula (cotton swab and Cytobrush) cervical sampling methods and spatula (wooden Ayre spatula and plastic extended-tip Szalay Cyto-Spatula) sampling methods was made in 109 cases. Based on the presence of endocervical cells, there were statistically significant qualitative differences between the non-spatula methods as well as between the spatula methods, but not between the Cytobrush and Cyto-Spatula smears or the cotton swab and Ayre spatula smears. In all kinds of inflammatory lesions, the spatula samples were more accurate and diagnostic than the nonspatula ones. In all cases of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and in most cases of squamous metaplasia, the Cyto-Spatula sample was the most accurate. It is concluded that the Szalay Cyto-Spatula method is superior to the other cervical sampling methods because it provides well-preserved cells from both the endocervix and the ectocervix in one smear. The Cytobrush should be used in conjunction with spatula sampling (combination method) for effective sampling of the cervix. The Cytobrush alone is effective mainly for endocervical sampling while the Ayre spatula alone is effective mainly for ectocervical sampling; the cotton swab is ineffective for both endocervical and ectocervical sampling.

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