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JAMA. 1991 Feb 13;265(6):747-51.

Prolonged continuous acyclovir treatment of normal adults with frequently recurring genital herpes simplex virus infection. The Acyclovir Study Group.

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Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond.


In this 3-year study of suppressive acyclovir for recurrent genital herpes, patients with more than six recurrences per year were randomized initially to 400 mg of acyclovir or placebo orally two times per day, with recurrences treated with 200 mg of acyclovir five times per day for 5 days. In the second year of the study, all patients received acyclovir as a daily suppressive or intermittent acute therapy; in the third year, all received daily acyclovir. Among 525 patients completing 3 study years, 289 received 3 years of suppressive therapy and 236 received 1 year of acute therapy followed by 2 years of suppressive therapy. Of those who completed the third year, 61% were recurrence free that year; 25% of the suppressive therapy-only group were recurrence free for all 3 years. The annual recurrence rate dropped from more than 12 recurrences per year at baseline to 1.0 (suppressive therapy) and 1.4 (acute and suppressive therapy) recurrences during the third year. No significant toxic effects were detected. Daily suppressive acyclovir therapy was effective and well tolerated.

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