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Int J Cancer. 1991 Jan 21;47(2):170-9.

Carcinoma-associated mucin serum markers CA M26 and CA M29: efficacy in detecting and monitoring patients with cancer of the breast, colon, ovary, endometrium and cervix.

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Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Free University Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Two recently developed monoclonal antibody (MAb)-based anti-mucin assays, CA M26 and CA M29, were studied in 250 cancer patients and compared to 3 well-established marker tests, viz., CA 125, CA 15.3 and SCC, in order to assess their clinical usefulness as serum tumor markers. Pre-treatment sera were obtained from patients with predominantly low-stage epithelial malignancies comprising 200 adenocarcinomas (of the ovary, endometrium, breast and large intestine) and 50 squamous-cell carcinomas (of the uterine cervix). Pretreatment sera of 50 patients with benign ovarian tumors were included to evaluate levels in benign disease, CA M26 and CA M29 cut-off levels were established in 89 healthy controls. In patients with adenocarcinomas, overall positivity for CA M29 was 24%, ranging from 10% in breast cancer to 60% in ovarian cancer. Overall positivity was highest for CA 125 (30%) and lowest for CA M26 (18%) with CA M29 (24%) being similar to CA 15.3 (25%). In adenocarcinomas the combined CA M26-CA M29 assays equalled results obtained with the CA 125-CA 15.3 combination (33% vs. 36%). Elevation of 2 or more markers was highly indicative of advanced disease (p less than 0.025). A majority of positive patients showed either CA M26 or CA M29 elevations, indicating that both antibodies detect distinct epitopes. After adjustment for tumor site and stage, the profile of CA M26 as a single marker differed significantly from the profiles of CA 125 and of CA M29. CA M26 was frequently (32%) elevated in patients with squamous-cell carcinoma of the cervix and CA M26 levels were often independently elevated. CA M26 seems to be valuable as an additional marker in breast cancer and perhaps as a new marker in cervical cancer. CA M29 may be useful in ovarian cancer in addition to CA 125.

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