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J Biol Chem. 1991 Jan 5;266(1):221-8.

Structure of the human laminin B2 chain gene reveals extensive divergence from the laminin B1 chain gene.

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  • 1Biocenter, University of Oulu, Finland.


The exon-intron structure of the human laminin B2 chain gene was elucidated from genomic lambda phage clones spanning 2 kilobase pairs (kb) of the 5'-flanking region, 58 kb of the structural gene and 10 kb of the 3'-flanking region. The entire gene was shown to contain 28 exons. The promoter region has no TATA or CAAT boxes whereas it contains five GC boxes and three AP-2-like binding sites. Comparison with the promoter region of the mouse gene revealed six highly conserved sequences of 14 to 42 base pairs in length. Sequencing of the last exon of the gene showed that the 3'-untranslated region of the mRNA can be up to 2797 nucleotides with five AATAAA potential polyadenylation signals. The similarity of the human 3'-untranslated sequence with that of mouse was shown to be 68.8%. The exon-intron structure of the laminin B2 chain gene demonstrated extensive divergence from the human laminin B1 chain gene, which has 34 exons. Only three intron locations are conserved in these two genes. The overall exon profile of the laminin B2 chain gene correlates only marginally with the pattern of structural domains and internal cysteine-rich repeats in the laminin B2 polypeptide chain.

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