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Comparative studies of volume restoration following cold-stress induced swelling in renal tissues--II. Effects of furosemide, amiloride and K+ permeability in rabbit cortex slices.

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Laboratory of animal physiology, University of Li├Ęge, Belgique.


1. Inhibition of volume restoration by ouabain in rabbit kidney cortex slices is related to an increase in Na+ concentration which may reach levels higher than equilibrium with the external medium. 2. The uphill accumulation of Na+ is not sensitive to amiloride and furosemide. It is dependent on the level of K+ in the external medium. 3. Bringing the slices from cold to normal temperature induces a large increase in Rb86 efflux. 4. It is concluded that the Na+ entry inhibiting volume restoration is driven by an increase in K+ expel occurring upon tissue rewarming.

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