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Int J Cancer. 1977 Aug 15;20(2):219-26.

Transformation of lymphocytes by Herpesvirus papio.


Cotton-topped (CT) or white-lipped (WL) marmoset lymphocytes were transformed in vitro with herpesvirus papio (HVP) into permanently growing lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL). Five of 9 HVP-transformed CT cell lines contained cells with antigens reacting with antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) capsid antigen (VCA) and/or to EBV-induced early antigens (EA). None of 12 WL LCL revealed such antigen-producing cells. Cells from both groups of cultures failed to react with antibodies to the EBV-specified nuclear antigen (EBNA). Exposure of baboon circulating lymphocytes to X-irradiated HVP or EBV-carring cells, or to suspensions of EBV resulted in establishment of LCL which all contained VCA and/or EA-positive, but no EBNA-positive cells. Nuclear antigens were undetectable also with anti-VCA-positive sera from baboons, chimpanzees, or other non-human primates. DNA-complementary RNA (cRNA) filter hybridization with EBV cRNA showed that with one exception transformed CT or WL marmoset cells contained at least 1-2 virus genome equivalents per cell, while at least 12-25 virus genome equivalents per cell were detected in transformed baboon cells. These data need confirmation by DNA-DNA reassociation kinetics.

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