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Acta Physiol Scand. 1975 Dec;95(4):441-7.

A method for the continuous study of net water transport in the feline small bowel.


A new perfusion technique has been developed for the study of net water transport across the intestinal epithelium in vivo. The lumen of an isolated intestinal segment is steadily perfused with a solution of known composition in a closed perfusion system with a reservoir large enough to prevent recirculation. The intestinal segment may be enclosed in a plethysmorgraph. Changes in the perfused volume is recorded by a volume transducer coupled to the recirculating system via a T-tube. If no motility occurs, the changes of the perfusion volume reflects net water transport across the intestinal epithelium. A quantitative comparison of this technique with the convention polyethylene glycol method revealed no significant difference. The plethysmorgraphic method also makes it possible to quantify the net water absorption via lymph and blood.

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