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J Control Release. 2009 Nov 16;140(1):61-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2009.07.014. Epub 2009 Aug 3.

Optimized preparation of vinpocetine proliposomes by a novel method and in vivo evaluation of its pharmacokinetics in New Zealand rabbits.

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Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 103 Wenhua Road, Shenyang 110016, China.


Free-flowing proliposomes which contained vinpocetine were prepared successfully to increase the oral bioavailability of vinpocetine. In this study the proliposomes were prepared by a novel method which was reported for the first time and the formulation was optimized using the centre composite design (CCD). The optimized formulation was Soybean phosphatidylcholine: 860 mg; cholesterol: 95 mg and sorbitol: 8000 mg. After the proliposomes were contacted with water, the suspension of vinpocetine liposomes formed automatically and the entrapment efficiency was approximately 86.3% with an average particle size of about 300 nm. The physicochemical properties of the proliposomes including SEM, TEM, XRD and FTIR were also detected. HPLC system was applied to study the concentration of vinpocetine in the plasma of the New Zealand rabbits after oral administration of vinpocetine proliposomes and vinpocetine suspension. The pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated by the software program DAS2.0. The concentration-time curves of vinpocetine suspension and vinpocetine proliposomes were much more different. There were two absorption peaks on the concentration-time curves of the vinpocetine proliposomes. The pharmacokinetic parameters of vinpocetine and vinpocetine proliposomes in New Zealand rabbits were T(max) 1 h and 3 h (there was also an absorption peak at 1 h); C(max) 163.82+/-12.28 ng/ml and 166.43+/-21.04 ng/ml; AUC(0-infinity) 1479.70+/-68.51 ng/ml h and 420.70+/-35.86 ng/ml h, respectively. The bioavailability of vinpocetine in proliposomes was more than 3.5 times higher than the vinpocetine suspension. The optimized vinpocetine proliposomes did improve the oral bioavailability of vinpocetine in New Zealand rabbits and offer a new approach to enhance the gastrointestinal absorption of poorly water soluble drugs.

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