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Yeast. 1990 Nov-Dec;6(6):521-34.

The complete sequence of the 8.2 kb segment left of MAT on chromosome III reveals five ORFs, including a gene for a yeast ribokinase.

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Unité de Génétique Moléculaire des Levures (URA 1149 du CNRS), Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.


We report here the DNA sequence of a segment of chromosome III extending over 8.2 kb. The sequence was determined using the random clone strategy followed by oligonucleotide-directed sequencing. The segment contains five long open reading frames, YCR521, 522, 523, 524 and 526, with only short distances between them. YCR523 (333 codons) encodes a ribokinase, a new function for yeast. YCR526 originates inside the MAT cassette, which is in continuity with the present segment, and extends over 358 codons outside of MAT. YCR524 (923 codons) codes for a putative membrane protein. YCR521, 522 and 524, have each been disrupted by insertion of a URA3 cassette and are non-essential genes. An active ARS element is located within YCR523 or its vicinity.

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