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Dalton Trans. 2009 Jul 14;(26):5132-6. doi: 10.1039/b821041a. Epub 2009 May 8.

Synthesis, characterization, in vivo antitumor properties of the cluster rhenium compound with GABA ligands and its synergism with cisplatin.

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Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Ukrainian State Chemical Technological University, Gagarin Ave. 8, Dnipropetrovs'k 49005, Ukraine.


A new dirhenium(III) complex cis-[Re2(GABA)2Cl5(H2O)]Cl.2H2O with zwitterionic gamma-aminobutyrate ligands was prepared and characterized by spectral methods and crystallography. The structure of the compound is comprised of dinuclear complex cations (Re-Re 2.2437(3) A) involving cis-oriented double carboxylate bridges, four equatorial chloride ions and two weakly bonded aqua and chloride ligands in the axial positions at two rhenium centers (Re-O 2.363(3), Re-Cl 2.6735(12) A). Antitumor properties of the complex were studied in the model of tumor growth with the use of Wistar rats inoculated by tumor carcinoma Guerink cells. The introduction of the compound in dosage according to the scheme of antioxidant therapy, inhibited the tumor growth by ca. 60% and led to stabilization of red blood cells in the tumor-bearing organisms. The combined introduction of the compound and cisplatin had a significant impact on the tumor growth and the disappearance of the tumors in most of the animals.

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