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Cell Cycle. 2009 Jul 1;8(13):1997-2001. Epub 2009 Jul 11.

An ATM and ATR dependent pathway targeting centrosome dependent spindle assembly.

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Genome Stability Unit, London Research Institute, Clare Hall Laboratories, South Mimms, Herts, UK.


The DNA damage checkpoint prevents the onset of DNA replication and mitosis when cells are exposed to genotoxic stress. However, it is not clear how cells react to DNA damage, in particular to DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) once they are in mitosis. Using Xenopus laevis egg extract as model system we have uncovered an ATM and ATR dependent checkpoint that targets centrosome dependent spindle assembly in the presence of chromosome breaks. This pathway relies on the phosphorylation by ATM and ATR of a novel centrosomal protein CEP63. We showed that CEP63 is required for proper spindle assembly in Xenopus and chicken DT40 cells. Phosphorylation of CEP63 by ATM and ATR leads to its delocalization from centrosomes and impairs its ability to promote centrosome dependent spindle assembly. These findings further support links uncovered in other model systems between the DNA damage checkpoint and centrosome in maintaining genome stability.

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