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Nano Lett. 2009 May;9(5):1818-23. doi: 10.1021/nl8037695.

Turning charge transfer on and off in a molecular interferometer with vibronic pathways.

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Department of Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27708, USA.


Inelastic electron-transfer kinetics in molecules with electron donor and acceptor units connected by a bridge is expected to be sensitive to bridge-localized vibronic interactions. Here, we show how inelastic electron transfer may be turned on and off in a double-slit style experiment that uses the molecule as an interferometer. We describe donor-acceptor interactions in terms of interfering vibronic coupling pathways that can be actively selected ("labeled") when pathway-specific vibrations are excited by infrared radiation. Thus, inelastic tunneling may be actively controlled, and we suggest strategies for building molecular scale quantum interferometers and switches based on this phenomenon.


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