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Phys Rev Lett. 2009 Mar 6;102(9):097002. Epub 2009 Mar 3.

Scanning tunneling spectroscopy and vortex imaging in the iron pnictide superconductor BaFe1.8Co0.2As2.

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Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA.


We present an atomic resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy study of superconducting BaFe1.8Co0.2As2 single crystals in magnetic fields up to 9 T. At zero field, a single gap with coherence peaks at Delta=6.25 meV is observed in the density of states. At 9 and 6 T, we image a disordered vortex lattice, consistent with isotropic, single flux quantum vortices. Vortex locations are uncorrelated with strong-scattering surface impurities, demonstrating bulk pinning. The vortex-induced subgap density of states fits an exponential decay from the vortex center, from which we extract a coherence length xi=27.6+/-2.9 A, corresponding to an upper critical field Hc2=43 T.

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