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Gene. 1991 Sep 30;106(1):109-14.

Sequence analysis of the cellulase-encoding celY gene of Erwinia chrysanthemi: a possible case of interspecies gene transfer.

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Laboratorie de Chimie Bactérinne, CNRS, Marseille, France.


The Erwinia chrysanthemi (strain 3937) celY gene encoding the minor endoglucanase (EGY) was sequenced. The analysis of the upstream region allowed us to identify an in vivo active promoter recognized by the NtrA (sigma 54) holoenzyme. No similarity was found between the predicted amino acid (aa) sequences of EGY and either the Er. chrysanthemi major endoglucanase, EGZ, or the Er. carotovora CelS endoglucanase. In contrast, a very high level of identity, both at the nucleotide and the predicted aa levels, was found between celY and an EG-encoding gene from Cellulomonas uda, a Gram + bacterium taxonomically distant from Er. chrysanthemi. By comparing the molar G + C% of the cellulase-encoding genes and that of Er. chrysanthemi and C. uda chromosomal DNAs, we speculate that celY was transferred from Er. chrysanthemi to C. uda.

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