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Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 2009 Jan-Feb;59(1):66-74.

[Functional asymmetry in human background spatial EEG-organization].

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Researched features of the spatial organization of the brain cortex biopotentials (SOB) for 143 subjects in the age of from 20 till 45 years, in which topographical maps there were different forms of asymmetry with dominance of focuses of maximum biopotential correlations in the following zones: 1) in right hemisphere, 2) in left hemisphere, 3) in frontal areas, 4) in occipital area, 5) in the left, frontal area and right occipital, 6) in right frontal area and left occipital. From 679 1.5-2-mm EEG fragments variant 1 met at 8.39 of % of cases, variant 2--at 12.22 of %, variant 3--at 8.39 of %, variant 4--at 5.62 of %, variant 5--at 15.46 of %, variant 6--at 12.37 of %. In remaining 37.55% EEG fragments was not clearly of expressed form of asymmetry. Relative analysis of parameters SOB at the different forms of asymmetry: spatial synchronization (linear processes), spatial disorder (nonlinear processes), coherence and spectral power of bioponentials, and also relationship of coherence and spectral power ("informational - energetic" parameter, reflecting degree expenses of a brain realization of information processes, has revealed authentic differences). The obtained data are considered from the point of view of reflectance in parameters of asymmetry background SOB the variability of the functional state of the man, level of consciousness and "cost" of information processes.

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