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Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc. 2008 Nov-Dec;46(6):625-30.

[The Declaration of Istanbul on organ trafficking and transplant tourism].

[Article in Spanish]

Collaborators (151)

Omar A, Mario AF, Kaldarbek A, Sadiq A, Georgi A, Amihan A, Ademola A, Mustafa AM, Josefina A, Richard A, Lynn AG, Ibrahim A, Abdulkareem AA, Mona A, Inés A, Lina A, Alain A, Yenny B, Alireza B, Mohamed B, Ebun B, Antoine B, Jacques B, Taieb BA, Mohamed Salah BA, Michael B, Russell B, Debra B, Alexander C, Cristina C, Jeremy C, Klaus CZ, Igor C, Edward C, Emanuele C, Gabriel D, Razeen D, Marc de B, Leonardo de C, Francis D, Rania D, Ian D, Beatriz DG, Valter DG, Ehtuish E, Hatem el-S, Miran E, Iraj F, Eduardo FZ, Rudolf GG, Ahad G, John G, Denis G, Ganesh G, Carmen G, Josep G, Jongwon H, Mehmet H, Nadey H, William H, Tomonori H, Adel HA, David H, Christian H, Yang H, Ines H, Abdias H, Wesam IM, Ninoslav I, Vivekanand J, Delawir K, Refaat K, Ashok K, Guenter K, Eiji K, Jan K, Leonieke K, Norbert L, Karim LS, Ruipeng L, Adeera L, Josep L, Aleksander L, Esmeralda L, Susanne L, Choong LW, Stephen L, Mahamane M, Marie-France MB, Nicole M, Dominique M, Marwan M, María M, Arthur M, Adrian M, Bruno M, Enisa M, Farhat M, Nabil M, Eytan M, Jorge M, Stephen M, Mark M, Saraladevi N, Anwar NS, Luc N, Gregorio O, Yolanda O, Enrique O, Arie O, Ole O, Benita P, Johann P, Ruth R, Axel R, Oleg R, Hasan RS, Ann RL, Bernardo RI, Wojciech R, Bassam S, Ashot S, Mohamed S, Nancy SH, Sukru SM, Faissal S, Dhananjaya S, Naoshi S, Nasser S, Harjit S, Thong SH, Margaret S, Maria S, Antoine S, Juliette S, Jacques SM, Vasant S, Shiro T, Gilbert T, Annika T, Gia T, Kwok-Lung TM, Fu-Chang TD, Remedios U, Yves V, Vathsala A, Willem W, Daniel W, Kimberly Y, Ulugbek Y, Minggang Z.

Erratum in

  • Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc. 2009 May-Jun;47(3):276.


To address the urgent and growing problems of organ sales, transplant tourism and trafficking in organ donors in context of global shortage of organs a Summit Meeting of more than 150 representatives of scientific and medical bodies from around the world was held in Istanbul from April 30 to May 2, 2008. Preparatory work for the meeting was undertaken by a Steering Committee convened by The Transplantation Society and the International Society of Nephrology in Dubai in 2007. Participants at the Istanbul Summit were selected by the Steering Committee according to the following considerations: The country liaisons with The Transplantation Society representing virtually all countries with transplantation programs; Representatives from international societies and the Vatican; Individuals holding leadership positions in nephrology and transplantation; Stakeholders in the public policy aspect of organ transplantation; and ethicists, anthropologists, sociologists, and legal academic well recognized for their writings regarding transplantation policy and practice. This Declaration represents the consensus of the Summit participants and it is an authorized Spanish translation version in order to divulging between Mexican healths professionals and to who concern this topic.

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